Dental health can be one key to our pets happiness, sometimes if our pets are a bit grumpy it can be due to a sore mouth.

We can prevent a lot of dental problems at home so please call for advice or arrange a check up at the clinic.

If you notice any smelly breath, swelling, redness of the gums or if the teeth are not looking pearly white. Your pet might need to have its teeth checked over at the vets.

When your pets need attention we have a dental machine that allows us to clean off tartar on the teeth and at the same time we can also evaluate the health of your pets teeth to pick up any problems that could lead to extractions. After the cleaning of the teeth we give them a good polish to make them shiny and minty fresh!

Getting a dental done is a day procedure done under a general anaesthetic so they are relaxed and don't inhale the water used during the cleaning.

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