Kulnura Veterinary Clinic has just installed a state-of-the-art in clinic blood analyser.

Amongst other functions, this diagnostic tool rapidly identifies bleeding disorders, such as those caused by rat bait ingestion or snake envenomation, allowing our vets to quickly determine the most appropriate course of treatment. In situations such as these scenarios, delays in commencement of treatment can compromise a positive outcome.

Previously, tests such as these were conducted by off-site laboratories, with a turn-around time of 6, 8 or even 12 hours. Now results will be available to our vets in less than 10 minutes. By confirming a diagnosis quickly, this can often result in a shorter stay in hospital & a speedier recovery. These tests can also benefit our horse clients with a quick diagnosis of snake bites and clotting disorders. We can also get timely results on general blood tests for sick horses, or check muscle enzymes routinely for racehorses in work.

Equipment of this capability is usually only found in emergency veterinary hospitals or specialist hospitals such as SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital in North Ryde). We are the only veterinary hospital on the Central coast to have this technology available in clinic.

Other functions, such as endocrinology (hormonal diagnosis & monitoring) are also easily conducted in clinic, whilst in consultation. These results too, are delivered within minutes. This eliminates delays in updating owners as to changes to dose rates or commencement of treatment, with any adjustments to treatments effected instantly to benefit pets sooner, and alleviate owner’s concerns more quickly.

Inherited bleeding disorders, such as von Willebrands and haemophilia can also be quickly identified before normally risky surgeries are considered. Routine pre-surgery blood testing results are also delivered more quickly with greater accuracy.

Monitoring electrolyte levels of hospitalised patients on intra-venous fluids is also at hand, ensuring correct fluid therapy is delivered.

The arrival of this equipment is heralded with much excitement by KVC staff as it puts Kulnura Veterinary Clinic at the forefront of diagnostic capabilities.

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